Rock the Ghosties – a micro-festival at The Poltimore Arms

You own a pub with a beautiful garden. You love rock music. You’re venue doesn’t have a mains power supply. What do you do?

Known mostly for its fantastic food and stunning surroundings, but less so for the owner’s love of all things rock ‘n’ roll, the pub decided to take advantage of their large garden and host a micro-festival with all the makings of a fully fledged Rock Concert! Due to the ‘off-grid’ nature of the event, the performance required more power than the on-site generator was able to provide – and our 45kVA unit was the perfect fit… i.e. the trailer slid snugly into the only space available!

The chief attraction for this year’s event was The Kast Off Kinks – featuring members of the original band and playing hits such as Waterloo Sunset, You Really Got Me, and Sunny Afternoon. With a packed garden and a fully stocked bar, the band produced a serious party atmosphere for each of the guests lucky enough to find a ticket for this intimate gig. Bring on the 2016 event!