We have a huge variety of equipment available for dry hire. Here is a quick list of the types of equipment available – please contact us for details.


We have a stock of smaller generators and tower lights. Generators are available from 13kVA upwards.  For lighting car parks and vehicle routes we have a range of tower lights available.  If we do not stock what you require we can get it.


We have d&b audiotechnik and Merlin speaker systems with d&b contollers and EV amplifiers.  A range of sound desks including Soundcraft and Yamaha.  Also available is a range of microphones including Shure, AKG and Audiotechnica with, of course, all the necessary cables to make a system work.


We stock lighting both for indoor theatre use and outdoor – both decorative and functional.  The theatre lighting is generally Strand and ETC luminaires, dimmers and control desks.  Outdoor lighting consists of LED, metal halide, compact fluorescent and tungsten halogen units.

Mains Distribution

Our mains distribution systems are designed to provide what is needed for production or site requirements.  Starting at 16A and rising to 400A three phase we can design a system to suit your requirements.


We stock Prolyte stage systems.  We also have treads, handrails and other accessories in stock.