Generator Hire Management & Site Lighting

For any event, electricity supply is mission critical. It’s the single most important infrastructure element – and getting it wrong can cause serious distress to any event promoter, as well as endangering the safety of customers and crew.

dB Production services is known nationwide as the premier event electrical supplier in the South of England – and when safety and reliability are at stake, no competitor comes close.

Event Power Management

We provide power equipment installation and generator management for all types of event.  Regular clients include organisers of food festivals, music festivals, weddings, corporate events, and large sporting fixtures. For small and medium sized events, we install generators from our own stock. These units are expertly maintained, incredibily efficient, and extremely well insulated against noise. When mains electricity is unavailable, our generator stock can provide a cost effective and reliable alternative for concerts, markets, marquee weddings, and food festivals.

For large events, or ones with extreme power requirements, dB Production Services acts as a generator hire broker and main contractor. This service is designed for situations where event power needs are incredibily complex – e.g. music festivals attended by 10 thousand or more. Our power managment experts will design site-wide installations, and subsequently procure the neccassary plant from our close network of affiliate trade suppliers. The result is a turnkey power solution that takes the headache of power supply managment out of the hands of site managers or plant managers.

All installations meet BS7909, and are checked by qualified electricians. Generator hire or power management contracts can be supplied with full-time standby electricians, or a 24-hour emergency call-out service.

Site Lighting

Once electricity supply is catered for, lighting infrastructure around an outdoor event site is the next key step in keeping customers safe. dB Production Services has extensive experience in installing both temporary and permanent site lighting systems in parks, festival grounds, showgrounds, private fields, and urban public spaces. For the purposes of public safety, we can ensure full floodlight or festoon coverage for both outdoor areas and inside temporary structures. Alongside floodlights and festoon in a range of types, we also stock illuminated emergency exit signs, flourescent strip lights, and battery powered emergency lighting. Naturally, all electrical installations are tested and signed off before the beginning of an event.

For decorative purposes, a range of coloured fixtures are available – meaning a touch of colour can be added to significant features at outdoor venues. When holding a show in a public park, a package of coloured tree lighting is a cost effective way of adding atmosphere excitement. Coloured lighting for use both indoors and outside is available, and a dB production services engineer will be happy to conduct a site visit to discuss your creative objectives.